Friday, January 25, 2008

Today the girls and I went outside to play. I snapped a bunch of photos and then handed the Bub the camera as I tried sledding.. she snapped today's Photo of the day... you can see she caught a bit of the lens cap in it, but I think it give it a fun effect.
This week we had the "assignment" of taking a photo of our feet, time, and a person. I was able to take all of them. you can go see them on my flickr page.
Wednesday the Bub had her Awana Grand Prix. She didn't win really. But she had a lot of fun! and she informed me that she is starting a car collection. Since the Grand Prix is for the T&T club she
figures she'll get 6 cars total. She designed and painted her car all on her own. She even named it The Purple Flame! She cracks me up.
Over at Ravelry I've joined 2 new groups Sock Wars. Which I'd joined the very first one but had to not be a part of it since since we were moving and things were a little crazy. and the 2nd one i missed by a few months. sooo #3 it is! Here's the yahoo group if you're interested in joining.

The other group I joined is Hat Attack. it's similar to sock wars but it's with hats (hence the name) And it starts Feb 9th! so hurry on over and join, they have a yahoo group too. A friend of mine had a baby on Wednesday so I knit her a hat. But really it was a gauge knit so I'm ready and armed for this attack!
So are you going to join?


Michelle said...

Thank you so much for posting about Hat Attack! I just had to sign up!

Pamela Foreman said...

I'm already signed up and ready to go! I love the pattern of the hat you did. Looks cool!