Monday, May 19, 2008

10 Things that annoy me today and lately.

In no order at all.

1. Subway- they really skimp on the veggies lately, and look at me like I'm crazy for asking for lots of veggies.
2. crazy drivers who cut me off.
3. dogs who sit under the table begging for food while you're eating.
4. bad coffee
5. cats that get up on the table or counter where food is prepared or served . (out comes the spray bottle)
6. parking on the side of the street so that no one can get by.
7. stupid people doing stupid things.
8. cheaters
9. unclear directions that make things crazy.
10. when my girls whine and cry when they want something instead of asking in a normal voice.


Emily said...

Huh, I thought that was just my Subway. It's gotten so that I have to ask for more lettuce three times to get enough.

Sara said...

Amen for #6 and #7!