Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun Find!

I found these great books at my local library. There are quite a few skirt patterns in the book that i may make and a bunch of yummy things in the Bend the Rules Sewing. I was surprised to find some newer books in the library collection. lets just say that most of the craft books could be categorized as "vintage" but not the cool vintage! But it just goes to show, if you'd like to sew, check out the library.
I was looking for an apron book but didn't find one. Though the Bend the rules book has a fabulous section on aprons so I'm happy. I love aprons, in case you've never noticed. It started not too long ago you can see a few I made for various presents in my flickr account. Fueled by blogs like Sew, Mamma Sew, Whip up and TipNut's list of free apron patterns (can't go wrong there). I got The Apron Book a while ago and really loved reading about the history of the apron. not to mention the fun patterns in that book. If you're thinking about aprons and interested find this book. So naturally I look for others who share my obsession, er I mean passion, this past weekend I joined the Apronista group. (it's an online social network you'll need an invite to join) there's also an Apronista blog. Even an apron swap! I'm totally loving this and just itching to get sewing again. If you like aprons too but haven't joined the apronista LMK and I'll hook you up with an invite!
On to yesterday's post and a review on the Indiana Jones movie, I liked it. but if you're looking for a meaningful movie, skip it. It was an action packed movie, some of it was cheesy but still fun. But I also liked the original movies and really like Shia LaBouf. (sp?) I can't really go into depth with my review b/c I've only seen it one time and I don't want to ruin if for those who want to see it.
Last weekend we went to see Narnia, we liked it. My Dh really liked it better than the first. I like them both, but that's b/c I enjoy series and watching a story unfold over time. I don't really remember the book, I have to re-read them I think.
Normally we don't go out to movies much but those 2 we've been waiting for so we were super excited to go see them. Plus going to the drive in (Indiana Jones) is really cheap and fun. Though I'm sure I missed a few scenes b/c of the kiddos.. next time I suggest we go alone DH! (not that he reads my blog.. sigh)
well that's it for today my blog readers.

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