Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting ready for the weekend!

This week I finally started finishing my I spy/Memory Quilt for my niece. I'm actually just whip stitching the binding on the back. But I'm not the best hand sewer so it's taking a bit. Plus it's not that fun (for me) so I find I'm setting it down a lot. Though I'm trying to finish it so that I can send it off. I was sewing the back and got to test it out with my Nephew. he really liked it and matching the squares. He's 4. So I think it's going to be a hit!

I've also been making some sock bags. This cherry one I've sold and shipped. Only to find out that the label I printed from has been canceled? What The...? I printed the label this morning and all was good. looking at the email it was 3 almost 4 hours later that they told me it was canceled. Can they do that? I'm not sure that's allowed. I've contacted the buyer and let her know what is going on and I've contacted to figure out what is happening. I'd like to know what is going to happen to the package b/c i've mailed it already. I hope they send it back to me so I can reship it. I've never had a problem with the usps website before but I doubt I'll be using it again. I feel horrible it's so unprofessional and just wrong. I can't apologize enough to my buyer. I've offered to refund her money or make another bag just the same if it never comes.
anyone else have a crappy experience like this? What did you do about it? I will be taking my package into the post office from now on. (not so easy with 2 kids) UGH the drama!
(new subject)
Wednesday was the last day for puggles. Beady just loved going to Awana this year. Next year she'll be in cubbies so I'm excited b/c it's a more established program. The puggles this year was a first year all around so some of it was really annoying.I figure next year it will run more smoothly. This photo is pretty funny. The bead is the one in the middle with the angry eyes.. LOL tooo funny!

Today I did some pre-war shopping and stocking up. I also rented a few movies. the top 2 are new releases so i got them at our local Redbox b/c it's only $1 to rent them. the others I got at a local video rental place well 3 of them were free. 2 free b/c most of the kids movies are free. the other one is b/c they have this gumball machine and if you get the color of the week you get a free rental. The girls just love getting gum and almost every time the Bub gets a free rental. Fine by me. she picked out Honey We Shrunk The Kids. What fun! So I'm ready for the war to start!

Are you?


jessica said...

Me too me too! I can't wait! off to bed for me!

bummer about the ups... I hope it turns out ok... I'm sure she'll understand!

Good Luck!!!

Christy said...

The USPS is about to change their rates on Monday. That's probably why you were having problems printing postage over the weekend. That's my best guess anyway. Good luck on Sock Wars!

Nittany Knits said...

How is the war going for you?

I'm going a lot slower than I have the past two wars, but I'm not worried. I'm just hoping my assasin is slower than me :-)