Friday, July 11, 2008

How've you been?

We got back from our trip to WI on Monday morning. And I was excited to see that my garden had grown since I was gone. It won't be too long before we get some great veg from it.
Sunday, before we left we went strawberry picking. (you can see pix in my WI trip set at flikr) I was excited b/c we got to bring home some berries. I wanted to make some jam. when I get to make it, it's not really jam. Jam tends to have lots of chunks and I have this aversion to chunky jam. So I puree the berries until smooth and then can them. It turned out really yummy. And it gives us a reason to eat toast!
This week was probably a horrible week. all b/c the Internet was down. (at least in our neck of the woods) it was killer. To pass the time I made bubbles. it's really easy to make and rather cheap. Here' s the recipe

4 cups water
2 tablespoons dish soap
2 tablespoons oil
mix them all together and using a wand blow bubbles! FUN for everyone!

I also got to read some books I picked up at the library while waiting for the bub's story time to be finished. It's always fun to read younger books b/c you can finish them in one day or so. I got the Ella Enchanted book b/c the girls love the movie so much I figured it would be fun to read the book. I haven't started it yet though since the Internet is working now I thought I'd catch up on my emails, blogs etc.
so sorry it's been so long BTW.


Suzanne said...

Welcome back. You were missed!

Tamara said...

I had to laugh because we have bubble solution on our kitchen counter--ours is yellow, though, but it's still fun! Oh, and have you read any books by Kate DiCamillo? Great children's book author. Which I only know because I like to read kids' books too:)