Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A walk with me

Walking through my garden is so fun lately. I took all these photos yesterday but didn't have time to upload them to flickr. Since it's raining today I thought I'd share the progress with ya'll.
I'm so excited to see my cucumbers growing! This one is my biggest so far. there's a bunch of little ones and I just can't wait for them to get to the eating point!
I'm also pumped for my beans. The ones I planted this year are of the bush type. So they don't climb as high as the pole variety. Supposedly they taste a bit better. we'll see when they're fully done growing. I have some that look purple like in the photo and others that are green. I'm wondering where the purple comes in.. oh well we'll see soon enough.
I have many many tomato plants in my garden this year. I'm so thankful to my Aunt-in-law for gifting me some of her extra seedlings. Some of them are called burpee Big boy and they're shaped more like tomato shaped. The others are called Big
mamma (i think) and they are more Roma shaped. The photo is them up close. I took a photo of the "wall of tomatoes" LOL I had to tie up the pvc stuff b/c the plants were getting heavy and leaning over. Next year I plan on planting every other square or so.. This year was defiantly a trial run. I plan on doing things a bit different next year. Starting with a few more walking areas, and a smaller planting area etc.
On the other end of my garden I have another "fence" for growing other tomatoes also cukes and zucchini. I snapped a photo of the Roma tomatoes I planted. I actually got one that ripened the other day. So I ate it in a salad also from the garden. It was super sweet and YUMMY! I just love tomatoes.
I also snapped a photo of the golden tomatoes planted next to the Romas. you can see the Romas in the background.
I also planted peppers that are growing well. If you'd like to see more photos of my garden I have a garden set over at flickr. You're welcome to check them out.
I'm so excited about my garden, I wasn't expecting much when I planted everything. I was going to be happy with what ever grew. But now I'm just super duper excited. I'm planning on canning some of the extra stuff that grows. There's great info on canning here and more info here. I know there's more out there. but those are ones I've been to lately.
If you have some good recipes or good sites and you'd like to share just leave me a comment!


Pamela Foreman said...

Great garden!! I'm jealous!

TeaMouse said...

What a beautiful garden, I can almost taste the tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

No recipes or sites. Just wanted to say I know how exciting it can be to pick things - and I can hardly wait to eat it! I got a zucchini today from a farmer's market.

Zucchini - or corgettes as they are called in England - are eaten there as often as carrots are in North America. Since coming back to Canada, I haven't had zucchini/corgettes nearly enough - as a vegetable.
OK, people do not commonly fry carrots. But that is how corgettes are often cooked. And I can hardly wait!

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Susanne said...

Your garden looks wonderful. There is nothing like a fresh home grown tomato. Unfortunately I'm not a great vegetable gardener.