Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thinking Christmas

So it's time to start thinking about Christmas.And what you're going to make for your family. I have a pattern I've uploaded to Ravelry that I think may help. I actually made a couple last year as gifts. I didn't stuff them though, they were the gifts, I think (hope) that my BIL and my sister's BF like them. Actually my sister's BF called me and said he liked it (he got the broncos one btw) They make great gifts, to be used over and over. you could also "stuff" it with things for your giftee. For example if it's for a child, you could put some crayons, colored pencils, paper, coloring book, paint, smock etc. If it was for a hunter you could fill it with small hunting stuff, a knife, ear plugs etc. If it were for a mom to be, some bath stuff, chamomile tea. etc. If it's for a new baby some onsies, wipes, diapers, a changing pad etc.

You get the picture right? stockings are the way to go! If you knit why not check out my pattern??
Striped Stocking

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