Thursday, August 14, 2008


Is walking your thing? How about helping to raise funds for a disease that affects many people? If you said yes then the Alzheimer's Memory Walk is the walk for you! Alzheimer's is the 6th leading cause of death in the US! Chances are you know someone with Alzheimer's. Why not take some steps to help?
If you live in the Johnstown area mark down September 6th on your calendar.

Once you find a walk in your area you can become a team captain and start a team. It's as easy as inviting 3 friends! "Starting a team is easy. Invite three people, and they'll invite three people - and before you know it, you'll have a team. Recruit family, friends and colleagues to join your team - and ask for donations." (from the website)
The website has PDF files and all the tools you'll need to start a team. If you'd like to just walk you can also find a team to join on the site. It's really worth it, why not join other in your area and MOVE?

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for walking. My mother has altzheimers. I noticed something wrong with her about 10 years ago. She was first diagnosed with dementia but it now has been changed to age-related altizmers. It is difficult to see my mother with her once vital mind, who could do several things at one time, not understand the concept that you have to put your socks on before you put your shoes on. So thank you for walking for those, like me, who can't.