Thursday, September 25, 2008

completely obsessed!

I am completely obsessed. There is no other way to explain it. I just finished (yesterday) reading the whole series for a 2nd time in a row.
I'm not sure about you but, when I'm in the car I do a lot of thinking. I got a notebook and started writing down what I've been pondering. I'm not sure why but the twilight series has me thinking.
So yesterday after taking the girls to awana and dropping off the redbox rentals I sat in the car and just wrote down every stray thought I was thinking. It was very cleaning.. so to speak.
It's not very often that a series of books or just a book hits me so hard that I love them so much.
Next I think I'll re-read Ted Dekker's Black, Red, and White series...
that's another series that hit me hard and got me thinking.

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Susanne said...

My daughter absolutely loves that Ted Dekker series. It's her favorite! I haven't read this other one but I have seen it around on lots of blogs. I might have to bite the bullet and read them.