Monday, September 29, 2008

Some knitting going on!

Saturday I finally finished those pac man mittens (rav link) i'd been working on for my brother since last year. I mailed them this morning so he should be getting his Christmas present within the week. Yeah I'm a super duper procrastinator! All I had to do was finish the power pellet I-cord. So i bit the bullet and finished. I hope he likes them. (and uses them)
After finishing (and the reason I quick finished) I started a traditional stocking for a lady from my church. Actually I'm making 2 of them one for her DIL and one for her Grandson. I'm actually further on the project from working on it on Sunday I just haven't uploaded the photo yet. I'm all nervous about it now.... sigh. I'm sure the yarn will soften up when I wash it. it's kinda stiff (and yucky) right now.
so what do you think?


TeaMouse said...

Those mitts are too cute!

The stocking doesn't look stiff - but it will probably give after it's used - needs Santa to fill it full of goodies.

Tamara said...

Well, since Christmas stockings are for stuffin', not wearin', I wouldn't worry about how it feels. It LOOKS great :)

Pamela said...

Wow, the stocking looks great! You are so talented! The mittens are great too, I'm sure he'll love them.

jen said...

yea, i think it looks quite nice, i wouldn't worry about the stiffness. (i knitted two stockings from vintage patterns and i think they were stiff, too, at first.)