Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a contest

JC over at Garnfiti is having a Halloween Contest where you can win some fabulous HP inspired yarn. You get an entry for commenting and also for posting about it on your blog and if you make something Halloween related too. I'm off to ponder what to make.. sooo exciting. I've been thinking about re-reading the HP series. I just finished watching the Movies again and I'm anxiously waiting for the 6th movie.

on other not waiting news. I got a new George foreman. We've sorely been needing one. the one we had we got when we first got married (over 9 years ago) and the stuff was flaking off. We didn't use it much lately. So i bought a shiny new RED one.. pretty spiffy b/c it has different grill plates that you can change and do other things. There's a waffle iron, the traditional grill plate and a skillet plate that you can bake on. also there a little tabby that you move and it either tilts the grill forward or makes it level. Yes it's the highlight of my weekend.

LOL not really.


Pamela said...

That's the one that I want! I'm jealous! Have fun with it!

JC said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for posting it to your blog. I was looking back through your old posts, and I saw a knitting for 365 day montage. What's that about? Are you doing that with a group of people, or is it your own personal challenge?

Susanne said...

Wow. Now I want a red one!