Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Veteran

In honor of Veterans day my DH got all dressed up and went with the VFW to honor the vets who weren't able to come home. They did a nice ceremony.
It was rather chilly here this AM so we were all bundled up. Then we went out for lunch.
so all in all it was a really slow and relaxing day.
well for the most part. the girls have been a little stir crazy lately. supposedly this weekend it's going to be nice out so maybe we can get them to play outside. WAIT a min. This weekend is my LYS's knitting get away YIPPIE! I'm not even going to be around. I'm sooo looking forward to that!
oh hopefully my DH will be able to get the girls outside for a while so that they run off some steam. If it's not too bad out tomorrow I'll try to send them out and on Thursday.
whoo hoo this weekend is coming fast and I'm super duper excited!

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jessica said...

He's looking good! Have a great time this weekend! I'm sure you'll have a blast! OH BTW... you should post that recipe for those no bakes...