Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So it gets colder....

Right around Christmas we didn't have much snow.. in fact it rained and rained and rained... a lot! now it's getting colder and snowing some. Tomorrow's big news is it's going to be COLD. with that in mind I sent the girls outside to play today so that they got the snow play out of their system for a bit, while it's bitterly cold.
I have been finishing so many projects it's been crazy. You can look at my ravelry page or my flickr acct. that will update you... I fear if I did it here I would have way toooooooo many photos... so I send you there instead with promises that I will try to post here more often. and with that I must go.

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Catherine Kerth said...

Wow! I saw the news this mring! Its gonna be cold for you guys! When it makes its way to South Texas, its not so bad ;)
Going to Rav. to see your knits!