Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a few advertisements!

I have many many many patterns and ideas swirling around in my mind these days. my problem seems to be finding the time to put them on "paper" so to speak. Not to mention uploading them to ravlery and etsy. (I know not everyone is on ravlery yet) I just wanted to do a little advertisement for my patterns.

I finally put the pattern up on ravelry for the Learn To Knit Sampler Scarf. I'd written it up for teaching how to knit at Forget Me Not Floral shoppe. I've had many people asking for the pattern. And I debated for a bit if I should make it available to people or just those taking my classes. as you can see I decided to make it available to all.

One of my fave patterns is the Diamond Wrap Socks. They're knit toe up with a short row heel. but of course you can substitute any heel you'd like in there. They're a great knit! and the pattern looks good with variegated and also solid sock yarn.

For Christmas time I've a great Toe Up Striped Stocking pattern. It's an extra large pattern using bulky yarn knit super tightly for a great sturdy fabric. I've made it in different colors One in Steeler's colors and one in Bronco's colors. It's a fun and easy pattern to knit. Though gauge is key with this pattern.

And I hope you who crochet don't feel left out because I've got a felted crochet bag pattern for sale. It was the first pattern that I've ever written. It's original and fun to crochet. I really like the way it looks. The Shunky Pattern!

Some of my patterns are free for your pleasure those are available on ravelry or crochetme and this very blog. I'm very nosey so if you've made something from my patterns LMK b/c I'd love to see photos!

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Lee said...

Hiya Allena!
Many thanks for your comment!
The Harry Potter squares are proving to be so much fun to make!
Have just had a look through your pieces and they're FABULOUS!
Portraits seem to be my thing, anything intricate and pretty, such as your work, and i'm hopeless ^__^!