Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a few advertisements!

I have many many many patterns and ideas swirling around in my mind these days. my problem seems to be finding the time to put them on "paper" so to speak. Not to mention uploading them to ravlery and etsy. (I know not everyone is on ravlery yet) I just wanted to do a little advertisement for my patterns.

I finally put the pattern up on ravelry for the Learn To Knit Sampler Scarf. I'd written it up for teaching how to knit at Forget Me Not Floral shoppe. I've had many people asking for the pattern. And I debated for a bit if I should make it available to people or just those taking my classes. as you can see I decided to make it available to all.

One of my fave patterns is the Diamond Wrap Socks. They're knit toe up with a short row heel. but of course you can substitute any heel you'd like in there. They're a great knit! and the pattern looks good with variegated and also solid sock yarn.

For Christmas time I've a great Toe Up Striped Stocking pattern. It's an extra large pattern using bulky yarn knit super tightly for a great sturdy fabric. I've made it in different colors One in Steeler's colors and one in Bronco's colors. It's a fun and easy pattern to knit. Though gauge is key with this pattern.

And I hope you who crochet don't feel left out because I've got a felted crochet bag pattern for sale. It was the first pattern that I've ever written. It's original and fun to crochet. I really like the way it looks. The Shunky Pattern!

Some of my patterns are free for your pleasure those are available on ravelry or crochetme and this very blog. I'm very nosey so if you've made something from my patterns LMK b/c I'd love to see photos!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Enough with this humidity!

This past weekend I've been sewing like crazy! (when I was home that is) I've also successfully broken most of my machine's needles and I fear I may need to take my Gma's old singer in for a look over. But it probably needs it anyways. It did force me to get out my new and much neglected sewing machine. I'd forgotten how much of a love/hate relationship I have with that new machine.. but it works well when I have the right needle in it. Tomorrow I've got to go and get new needles so I can finish what I'm working on. Most of what I've been sewing I'm going to take in to the LYS and see if they will sell there.

But I'd like to show you what I've been sewing. First I made a shoulder bag blue and browns, I love these colors together in any shape or form! I've found that I'm a little obsessed with buttons and using them on the bags this weekend. Inside the bag you can see it's a blue embossed fabric and I used the outside fabric to make some pockets. (there are two pockets) The bag is 13.75 inches tall and across the flat bottom it's 10 inches long and 4.75 inches wide. It's a great bag and fits wonderfully over the shoulder and will hold some great knitting or crochet projects.

This one cracks me up I can't explain why it just does. I made a needle roll using some left over fabric from a Halloween costume I made years ago. I went for the brightly striped inside fabric, mostly b/c I couldn't figure out what would look good with it. So I picked some striped fabric that always catches my eyes when I'm sewing. I used a button again but this time a loop of elastic to "close" the roll. This is for the Diva who loves animal prints. even if that diva is hidden deep inside. (at least that's the story I'm going with) I've got to make some more needle rolls for the store. I'm pondering a circular needle case but that's still in the works.

I also made another shoulder bag. This one my DH said "that bag is sooo cool I really like it!" So it's got his seal of approval on it, if that means anything to you. This bag is 13 inches high with a bottom that's 9 1/2 by 5 inches. I really like this black and white scene fabric. I paired it with some black, brown, green and red striped fabric. Again I used the button to close it. I figure if it's used as a knitting tote you don't want a zipper near your yarn so a snap or button closure is the best, right? This one also has 2 pockets for your notions and pattern or whatever you want. Though with the trend of big ol' bag purses that I see my babysitters and other teens carrying around it may make a great purse too. HMM that's something to ponder.

I really like those two fabrics together. So I made myself a new purse with it them. And I can't wait to go out and use my new purse. I even made a zipper inside pouch. I like how it looks like the tree has a zipper in it. I didn't plan that at all btw.
Anyways I seem to be rambling so I'm out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Recap

So July was busy. Very very busy.
Last week we spent some of the time in MD visiting with my Grandma as she was sick. She's getting better now and we were able to "rest" a bit at the farm. While we were there it was hay baling time. and the girls sat down for a good hour or so to watch it happen. the novelties of life huh?

This past month was also Stitch N Pitch with the Pirates. We went and had a lot of fun. I'd like to get a group from my LYS to go next year. B/c I think it would be loads of fun to go with some friends. We got some cool stuff too. See the black and white bag we got this year? It had some yarn and a magazine in it. I also picked up a sticker that I now stuck on my car. (you can see a photo of it on flickr)

July was also the last month for my Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup over on ravelry. they're taking a month off and then we'll start back up again for September. I love that group it gets my creative juices flowing!

I completed my Muggle Studies OWL. 2 Weasley sweaters. The girls each picked out the colors they wanted. I did a gauge swatch and bought yarn according to the pattern but I have at least 1-2 balls left from each of the main colors and most of the letter colors. So I'm pondering a BSJ or really a not so baby one. since I have the yarn and it goes well together.

For Quidditch our wrist warmers were due. I made them for the girls. they love them. I heard the bead singing, "I'm in gryffindor, I'm in gryffindor" after I gave her the one that fit. I think she's lost it now though... oh well.

For potions this month I made a necklace. Which then I gave to my older sister to have. b/c she likes gold and I do not. So she'll probably wear it. I hope she likes it that is. I really love the color of the beads and the butterfly but I really really don't like gold and I thought about wearing it but just couldn't... sigh. I have some of the beads left so I may have to make something from them but with silver. We'll see.

For Charms this month I made 2 headbands. One green with some left over sock yarn and one in gryffie colors left over from my scarf. They come in really handy and work really well. (esp with my thick curly hair) I'm going to have to make more of them I think! In fact I was all set to see the new movie wearing my new headband (that the bub is modeling) tonight when we were told that they wouldn't be showing it b/c of rain. (it was at the drive-in) so we'll wait until next weekend I think. unless we can get the girls' grandparents to watch them for a matinee sometime this week.

For muggle studies this month I made some socks. I love them. though it's too warm to wear them now I know I'm going to love them come winter. I also joined a new Sock a Month KAL. So I'll be knitting a pair of socks every month for a while. I wrote a small post about these socks there. They're your basic of basic toe up socks 2x2 ribbing with Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn.

And last but not least for Astronomy I made an invincibility star. I made it with Glow-in-the-dark yarn. It's awesome! And simple simple simple. I snapped a photo of it playing the xbox. which I thought was rather funny. It's arms are too short to maneuver the Wii remote I guess. he he he he he.

OK that's it. you're caught up for July. Now on to August.