Friday, January 29, 2010


I've been knitting like crazy lately. I'm trying to finish a few things by the end of Jan. (yes I know that's only a few days away) I'm procrastinating for a bit to update ya'll here.  and Yes it's all my "homework" for the HPHC group over at ravelry. I've turned in some of my homework already and I'm working on a sweater vest that I'm testing for a fellow raveler. I won't share a photo of it until it's ok for me to do so. that will probably be when it's finished. But I'm also working on a Child Surprise Jacket for the bead. sweater I think she will like it when it's finished. It's just getting there before the 31st to get points. lets cross our fingers! 
My Dh has been bugging me about his sweater that is one of my OWL's this "term", as I haven't started it yet he's feeling unloved. but I did start my other OWL. it's 4 pairs of fingerless mits. here's the start of the first pair fingerless mitts they're going to be for some friends who've been wanting them. the OWLs aren't due until the end of march but I need to have 33% done by the end of Feb. so my plan is to work on my OWLs the first 2 weeks of Feb. I hope to finish 2 pairs of the fingerless mitts and a good portion of the sweater. Then after that I'll do my Feb homework. It's a good plan I've just got to stick to it. Well I have knitting to finish so I must go. if you've stopped by and read please leave me a message of love!


gramma2many said...

Glad you made it over to my blog. Hope to see you there often. Remember to leave me a comment so I will know.
Looks like you have more than enough to keep you busy for a while. I have several pair of little socks to get made, as well as finish up the mess in the laundry room and get that finished.
Guess I better go paint:)

Anonymous said...

You're knitting is beatiful. thanks for checking out my blog (!