Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Fun!

I've been creating things like crazy lately. So much I made a mosaic to show it all. Most of it had been made for my Etsy store. with the exception of my new green sheep  hook for my spinning wheel. I geeked out too making all the HP stuff. but I love it!
Here's the links to the photos if you're interested.
1. green sheep, 2. sheepy hook, 3. dragon stitch markers, 4. yellow and black, 5. my fave colors, 6. ravenclaw, 7. stitch markers, 8. slytherin, 9. bronze and blue, 10. gryffindor, 11. hogwarts, 12. top of yarnlet bag, 13. needle/hook roll, 14. pretty toile, 15. tall flowers, 16. small yarnlet
 Today I went to Home Depot and got some stuff to make myself a  comb and hackle! I'm so excited to do that. Now I've just got to find someone with a drill press so I can drill the holes. Then I'll be processing fiber like a champ. Now all I've got to do is make a diz.
that's not all my Garden has exploded!
See this is the right half.  My zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, beans, peas, a few tomato plants and, I was hoping, some peppers but I don't think they're going to do well this year.
This is the first year I planted carrots and radishes. the radishes are doing well and I'm not sure when I'm supposed to harvest the carrots, they don't look ready yet. we'll have to wait and see. 
and the Left half that's my lettuce, onions some garlic (i hope) and more tomatoes and cucumbers.
What you don't see is the watermelon and pumpkin and corn. they're up further past the main halves. I also have a pot of mint (just started) and a pepper out by the porch. But I can't remember if it's a hot pepper or regular bell.  I was hoping to can some salsa this year. I may need to stop at the store and get a jalapeno plant. inside i have some lemon balm in water trying to get roots, and dill, basil from last year and hopefully some cilantro.
with all the rain we've had the garden has been doing well and gone a little crazy. I've gotten some radishes and a few zucchini and onions so far. the cukes are almost ready. I'm hoping the tomatoes come in this year. they never did last year.
so we're surrounded by green things right now. Not that we mind at all!
ok well I've got laundry to do. (if only that was fun)

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