Friday, October 29, 2010


So lets talk about Halloween. Last year we skipped it b/c I have issues with how commercial everything is anymore. But this year I let the girls pick out some cheap costumes. (read they needed to come up with their own costumes from what they had) 
So the Bub found some fairy wings at the dollar tree and decided to become a fairy. Luckily I just finished the pants I was knitting her and they match rather nicely. The pants were a test knit and I really love the pattern. (go check it out) Then I figured for her costume to be complete she'd need a mask. Not to mention I've always wanted to go to a Halloween party where you wear masks and people have to guess who you are. So I made her a butterfly mask. (since she's a butterfly fairy) I had to make up the pattern as there wasn't much to go off of on ravelry. Not a big deal, it was really fun to make. So her costume is complete. 
The bead on the other hand, her costume was easy. She found a shield and breastplate at the dollar tree and already had a sword. She wanted to be a how to train your dragon viking. To complete her outfit she needed a viking helmet.
I was able to find a pattern for it but had to adjust it a bit to fit her. She loves it and wore it for like 3 days straight. So her outfit was complete, just in time for our trip to the Zoo
We went on the Zoo Boo event so the girls got to dress up and "trick or treat" through the zoo. It was fun, but really crazy busy with people. Luckily we bought a family membership and we'll be returning on a not so crazy zoo day. My fave part is the aquarium and walking UNDER the sharks and polar bears. 
Now we just need to find a trick-or-treat time around here that fits with our schedule. 
Later Gaters

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