Friday, December 17, 2010


Right before Thanksgiving I had a shop update. I know i'm really really REALLY late in getting this posted here. 
Sorry about that. Since turkey day things have been super crazy around here. I'm not sure about you but doesn't it seem like this year is just flying by? 
I have been really busy knitting and crocheting things for Christmas and other things. I think my fave project by far are these crochet hooks. Aren't they fun? I made some for my DH and then some for myself. I just recently used mine and LOVE it. I'm going to have to start doing more of these. they're so comfortable in my hand and really helps with the smaller hooks. With the extra I made some buttons. Not sure where I'll use them but they're pretty. The ones I made for my DH are more manly.   He says he likes them and has been using them while he's making his hats for everyone. I'm so proud of him. He's really going to town with the crocheting. If you want to see what he's made here's a link to his own set over at flickr. I also had him set up an account on Ravelry to share his crochet projects with other people. 
It's totally awesome! 

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