Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's up?

So i've been kinda out of sorts with my knitting. I'm not sure what is going one whether it's the heat or what. I have been reading a lot so that could be it. My daughter picked up Midnight for Charlie Bone from the library and I wanted to read the book before she got to it.  It was very interesting and an enjoyable read. She's now on the 2nd of the series and I'm on the 3rd. 
I've also been listening my way through the LOTR series. Starting with the hobbit. I picked up the unabridged book from amazon a few weeks ago and wanted to "read" all the way through the series. Sooooo good! I'm on the Return of the King right now. While I've been listening I've been sewing. I tried my hand at some box bags and I think I've finally got it!  I also got the hang of some triangle bags. I first started making one or two for a swap. I participated in a swap a couple of months ago and also signed up to be an angel should someone need it. Well there was need. Since this swap was a Weasley Swap we could only spend about $10 total and had to use some things we found in our house. well I've got 2 totes and 1 dresser full of fabric so I thought this bag would fit the bill. I also added some wonderful other little things for her. I can't wait till she gets it. I'm always nervous about swaps.  
I made another bag for the swap I'm participating in now too. But I'm not going to show a photo of it  in case my partner checks out this blog.
I also added some to my etsy shop. I have a few more in the works as well. I ran out of interfacing so I had to run and get some today. So I'll be updating my shop in the next few days with even more triangle bags. I think i'm totally obsessed with them now.  The quilting of them like the one above takes forever though so I thought i'd try some with just interfacing and I think I like those ones just as much! 
Other things going on... lets see.. Oh my sister and I started a podcast for fellow HPKCHCers and all. Here's our show and the notes. Please give it a listen but be kind b/c it's our first go. 

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