Wednesday, September 21, 2011

T-shirt Surgery Allena's Way.

So I've been meaning to post this small tute for a while now. But life being the way it is.... well I'm posting it now!
So I'm a t-shirt and jeans type of girl. But being a plus sized gal, most regular t-shirts don't look good on me.  So this summer I decided to research some t-shirt surgery. There are many great sites with tutes. But being a basic gal I decided to do it my way..
I was inspired by this video tute from Craftzine.  
So I took a regular t-shirt, a pair of scissors and my sewing machine. I don't have a serger though so I couldn't follow that craft video exactly. 

First you need to cut off the collar. I cut the collar right under the seam at the back and then a little lower in the front. maybe about 1/4th and inch (at the most). Then you fold it over twice and press in place. Pin in place and sew. This is what it should look like. 
Then you need to cut the sleeves. I followed the craft tute (linked above) in cutting them and then re-fitting them on to the arm holes.  
This is where my method is a little different. I sew around the arm hole with a regular straight stitch. then I go around again using my zig zag stitch. This helps stabilize the seam.
By now you should have a scoop neck t-shirt. Very simple and I think it makes the t-shirt look much better and doesn't choke me in the collar. I actually sewed quite a few of my T-shirts. Here's a final photo for you one of my TeeFury shirts.

Though I'm not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore since I haven't had any comments for a while. I'm not too proud to beg, if you're reading leave me a comment.


jessica said...

I need to do some of my shirts.... Also i like the new look on the blog!

Beverly (db81971) said...

yep; I still read ya :)

Gnat said...

I'm not sure I get what you did to the sleeves but this seems like a great tutorial! Thanks!

Rachel @ Pleased as Punch said...

I'm still reading! :)