Monday, September 9, 2013

Win a cellphone wallet!

Win this Cell Phone Wallet! Share a photo how you use your StarKnits bags!

This contest will run from today 9/6/13 through 10/6/13.
Here's how you can be entered to win. (you must do all 3 to be entered)
**Remember to comment on the Facebook post to enter depending on your privacy settings I will not know if you've shared.**
1. Like StarKnits' Facebook page 
2. Share a photo of your StarKnits bags in use here on StarKnits FB page. If you do not have one of my bags, please share a photo  on StarKnits Facebook page of why you need one or leave a comment what you would put in them.
3.Like this post/photo and share it on your FB page Leave a comment on this photo to tell me you did this. (if you don't I won't know)

For extra Entries (1 extra entry per item)
1. Tweet about this contest using @StarKnits and#StarKnits so I'm notified.
2. Share your photo (the same one you shared above) of your bag on Instagram using @StarKnits and #StarKnits
3. Share on G+ about this contest using +AllenaWilliams and #Starknits
4. Share on Plurk @StarKnits and #Starknits
5. Share on Nimblestix @AllenaWilliams #StarKnits
6. Share on any other social media and leave a comment here telling me where you did so with a link.

I will put your name in a spreadsheet for each entry. Then I will use a random number generator to pick a winner, on October 7th.
**If I get 200 likes for StarKnits' Facebook page (I'm at 144) during this time I will draw a 2nd name for another prize.

When I make new designs I make several prototypes. Now is your chance to win this one. (the gift cards, money and Ipod are not included)
This bag is made from attractive coordinating prints.
The outside has an Asian woman with an umbrella. there are orange trees and green grass.
The outside pocket has several different umbrellas printed on it. It is approximately 4.25" wide by 4.75" deep with a button closure that will keep your cell phone safely inside.
The Inside and handle fabric is a light burnt orange with lighter circles and dots printed all over it.
The inside CC pockets are made with the lining fabric, the outside pocket fabric and a green crackle fabric.

Measuring approximately 6.25" long and 4.5" high. It's fully interfaced for sturdiness. There is a green zipper, an orange button, a key ring tab and a handle loop that attaches to the zipper and fits over your wrist.

Have fun and I hope you win!

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