Tuesday, January 18, 2005


objects in the rear view mirror may be closer than they appear! I just wanted to take a pix of the people driving with us to Garmish to get subs! LOL it's another military base that has a subway and since Vilseck is being totally slackerish and taking it's time finishing the subway on post here it was supposed to be done around the same time Iszabella was born (3 months ago) Oct 19th....So we're waiting! So anytime we're close to Americana things we go to them hence the extra trek to subway....Those gals behind us in the red van is my friends Pam and Anna and their kiddos Deanna, Megan and Cheyenne...... It was lost of fun for me... I haven't talked to them since we parted ways... Bella was screaming b/c she was hungry and would take the paci so we pulled over at a parking lot to nurse her....she was better, I felt horrible though....big crocidile tears are so hard to look at...esp on a sweet baby girl! too bad i'm not inspector gadget! LOL go go gadget boob.....and she saves the day baby is fed and we're home. YEAH!!...LOL okay i'm weird I know..my lil bro Jared used to watch that show all the time..so I have fond memories.....He's in the marines now btw and in korea. but back to the trip... next pix please (what are we doing a slide show?)

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