Tuesday, January 18, 2005


view inthe car/suburban really it was packed as if you couldn't tell! LOL That's Frosty the dog. and iszabella's carseat on the right and jamison's on the left then malayah on the back right madison in the middle and just the tip of rhianna's head...LOL they were all z'd out! LOL 2 we'd given drammamine and madison just was tired. it was a long trip! though i think the girls had a nice time they had a movie to watch. Kelly's car is really spiffy! it'w wonderful! and she's awesome at driving it! okay on to the next pix......

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jessica said...

Hey Allena!
Wow I bet that was some car ride! four carseats one little girl and a dog... I bet that was fun. I remember trips like those...without all the carseats. I love all the pictures... so so pretty. You guys are lucky to have a chance to see all that beauty!Oh... so you know your going to be one of the first people on our list to call after the baby is born, you'll find out soon enough! I'll ttyl... happy knitting!