Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Waking up is so hard to do!

but not so bad when you have this to look at! How beautiful! Well that's what I got to see when I looked out the window of the guest house when I woke up yesterday! The girlies were up soo late and so they were also up early so I was tired not to mention I was freaking all night waking up like 100 times b/c they use feather comforters here so I was sure that Bella would be smothered! I know I'm a freak! Well I'm going to keep typing after the other pix so keep reading I'm not done yet!


KnitnMomofboys said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting those pics! The ALPS are simply beautiful! And, I loved the "Go, go gadget boob!" I remember trips like that and wishing there was a way to keep drive AND nurse! LOL Thanks for the laugh!!

um said...

those pics are breathtaking. thanks for sharing them! wow, what a view to wake up to!

Amy Lu said...

Hello! I am a friend of your sister, Jessica. I love your blog, it's very well done. My family prays for your family (b/c of Jess). And it's great to get a little window into your life. I hope next time you are in the Sheboygan area we can get together and knit. Or maybe if we ever get to Germany (my hubby's family is from Bochum.)