Saturday, January 29, 2005

The MOLENATOR visits

So yesterdy my friend Pam had a undercoverwear party OH BOY was that fun!!! we're all gearing up for our hubbys to come home it was soo much fun! my friend Anna will be haveing another party and i'm thinking about having one. maybe after they get back as a couples party...HMMM we'll see i don't think my hubby would want to do that...anyways. when we got back last night madison lost her tooth...... then the tooth fairy came and she got 2 moneys as she said! LOL i told her they were quarters.....LOL sooo cute....and waaahhh she's growing up soooo fast!

so is my other daughter Iszabella..... here's what she thinks of you out there in blog land!

isn't she just the cutest? we were looking at pix of Madison when she was a baby! LOL they look soooo much a like! it's not even funny! LOL
well on the knitting front i'm working on my felted bag... i got the idea from my sis jess of naturally knitty to do smal stripes instead of the big as you can see i just started that...

I really like the purple it's got some pink highlights in the yarn....i hope it looks yummy felted! it's not the best pix i'll have to take another one with more stripes to post at a later date! which tonight we're doing a knit and stitch night for the ladies so i'll have tons of time to work on my bag there! It's not a knitting circle persay it's just something we started at our church for the ladies to get together so we could help support eachother thru the deployments..... and so we can learn new skills. we've learned sweing, crochet, german cooking (yum strudel), scrapbooking, stamping, tonights knitting and next month will be candle decorating! we've also played games and had fun like that and i'm sure i'm not remembering everything! we usually bring dinner things to share and chow down! plus get a bunch of ladies together and we have fun!!! i missed the reall knitting circle they started here on thurs i was a b-day dinner...i plan on going next month though for sure dude! LIKE TOTALLY! LOL
anyways i'm making fun of the sayings of my youth....
anyways see these socks?

I didn't make them.....but i want to make some like them! I bet you thought i was talented! LOL i've found a pattern but i'm trying some toe up socks before i even attempt these babies.... though i may wanna try knitting 2 socks on 2 circ at the same time...if i can figure it out that is...there's some great tutorials out there in net land.....LOL anyways i've rambled enough....
have fun Knitting or Crocheting I know i will!

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jessica said...

Your bag is lookin good! I love the colors. I've been second guessing mine... thier very bright, but i'm sure it'll turn out ok in the end. Your girls are getting so big! That party sounds like fun! I bet all the hubbys will like it too! later!