Wednesday, February 2, 2005

so i give up.

So blogger is pissing me off i couldn't get the above pix to work with these two....arugh...anyways remember i posted this pix a while ago?

well the poncho above is what it was... and it was made for my mom....She never really said she wanted one but she kept saying how much she loved her friend's and how if she HAD one she'd want a nice warm i made her one i got the pattern from the yarn harlot.... you can find it at under very harlot poncho..... i used Lion brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick...color green heather. it turned out wonderful! here's the email i got this AM from her:
Your package arrived today. What a treat when I opened it after dinner tonight!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooooo much I love it!
It's warm, and soft and I really like that shade of green/teal.

I'll have Jessica bring over her camera so we can take a picture of it and you can see me in it!!!!
Thank you for making it for me.
I love you,

so i'd say it was a success! I've been knitting away on my felted bag and i'm just not there yet! arugh!!! eventually though! here's a pix of the progress

so yeah I finally figured out blogspot! and i'm loving's so nice! i get to keep track of all my fav blogs and it's all in once place! I sent out some RAOK the other day and planning on doing some more later this week or's sooo much fun giving things and making people's days! anyways that's what i've been up to... as of late not too much to report...eventually though... until next time.....
happy knitting

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