Thursday, February 10, 2005

ARUGH darn it all

okay so i had a wonderful thing typed up and even a SONG i made up on the spot and you know what.....stupid thing i pressed spell check and GONE ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!! ARUGH!!!!!!!!!!!
so here i go again
I want to thank you all for your sweet posts and reading my blog. I wanted to thank Lisa B for the adiago gift certif i got a sampler of teas coming soon... i wanted to thank Amy, Renee and Tracy for the wondeful e-cards they totally made my day and if i forgot anyone thank you! and i'm sorry for being such a scatter brain
my secret pal is the best i know you all think your's is but i think my sp is way better. LOL (and my dad can beat up your there) LOL she's sent me wonderful witty little emails... i can't wait for the first package she just told me she sent out. yippie... so excited i can't wait....but alas i must.......
i'm still knitting away at that i cord and i've casted on and started another surprise for my friend kelly of pizzy knits for her b-day so i'm not talking about that b/c she reads this blog..... i finally picked up my hubby's hat and knitted somemore on it. you know when you get doing something and you frog it and start over so many times you put it away for a while. well lets just say this hat and i have had issues.....but i figure he's going to be home in like a month or so so i better get crackin....LOL
so yeah that's about it don't want to put you to sleep more than you have to be so i'll go
later gaters happy knitting

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Lynne said...

Allena...Thank you so much for those stitch markers! I do love them, and they will certainly be used! I do appreciate such a kind gesture and kind words! Hope you are feeling better,