Friday, February 11, 2005

Dinner anyone?

So these are my friends all out at a dinner last night. (there were more of us but this is the only pix i've got sorry peeps) for my friends Kelly and Pam's b-days. They don't have the same b-day btw just around each other and we got together last night to eat... yum! we were going to go to a place but it was closed so we turned around to go to another one and flagged down everyone on the way and one of my friends got their truck stuck! arugh so half of us were late! it sucked big time but good news the truck is now unstuck and life is good. LOL
here's another pix of me and my beautiful friend Tracey and my friend Kelly's DS.

see i told you she's beautiful! she's also one of the most positive people i know always something good is coming out of her mouth! you cannot walk away from tracey with out a smile on your face! I love her! She makes candles and has taught me how. what a wonderful yummy smelling hobby to have!
and my last pix.....

that's me and my best friend Kelly. i'm sure you knew that b/c i talk about her all the time. LOL that scarf i'm wearing... I DIDN'T MAKE it's a pre knitting christmas gift. (2 years ago) but i love it. it's super long down to the floor so it would've been a horrible thing to knit.......
as for knitting news i finally finished that I-cord. and then felted... the bag turned out shorter than i thought but will serve me well as a knitting carry all around bag. i'm just waiting for it to dry.. then i'll send a pix. BOY DOES WOOL STINK! eww. but that's okay i like the end product so i can handle the smells..... I'm almost done with my DH's hat it's going well i'm shaping the top now. but that's it for knitting...
i'll stop boring you all now.
sorry for the miss spellings i'm not loosing my stuff again.
happy knitting


um said...

looks like you had a great time with your friends - that's awesome! that's fun that you learned how to make candles. are they the regular wax ones or soy ones?

yeah, felting doesn't smell very good :) one of my friends wondered why no one ever tells you to beware of the smell of wet wool! i felted some mittens last week, and my daughter said she could taste it in her drink a few nights ago. her glass was never anywhere near my mittens, so i'm guessing she just still had the smell in her nose. how horrible!

take care :)

Lori said...

wow, I can tell y'all had fun! The first time I discovered wool smelled when wet was after I recycled a wool sweater and started washing it... eeew.