Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I made out like a bandit!

Today I woke up with a crying baby... my poor Bella, she's normally a happy smilely baby and so wonderful but this AM no way she just was crying and moaning and would only nurse on one side.... So I called the clinic and got in.. I'm sure it was b/c they heard her crying and wanted it to stop! LOL and as it goes she has an ear infection! poor baby! so we've got her on some antibiotics and some tylenol for the pain and that smile emerged again! I'm so thankful! so my day has consisted of holding the baby and knitting on some socks... My 1st ever! It's going okay.. They were supposed to be for a friend but they're big enough to fit me so I'm going to make them for ME... LOL greedy I know....
So I thought I would share with you the felted bag that I made.... it's longer and shorter than i'd wanted but it works... here's a pix of it sitting... pretty neat it will hold smaller books and my knitting... like almost all the projects I'm working on....

so it looks okay... here's another pix of it while it hangs.... I have to admit I like it even though it didn't turn out exactly like I wanted!

so yeah..... yesterday was an okay day I had some stuff I needed to deal with so it wasn't the best day ever. so I went to check my mail at the CMR (community mail room) and I got a package!!!! here I'm going to walk you thru my package!!!! I'm so happy and excited whenever I get a package.....sooo here look......step one

so I'm all excited and jumping up and down at this point!!! I've got to remember to put tissue paper in the boxes I send! it makes it all that more fun! now I'm in my CAR I couldn't wait to open the box until I got home NO I had to open it right away!!!!

by now I'm squealing with GLEE!!! I'm so happy! and on v-day too! how wonderful! esp since my hubby's not here to celebrate this made up holiday to sell cards and chocolate....LOL my DD is going what is is mama? why are you screaming! LOL

can you hear my squeals? I'm sure I sounded like a pig! LOL people were walking by looking funny at me!
it was awesome opening this package! i've got some RAOK just sitting here for me to find raokers to send them too. I hope my gifts make them just as excited it's the best feeling! anyways one more pix of all the booty!
I'm just itching to start a bag with all that yarn....HMMM I can not wait! I want to thank Alyx from www.stringtheoryfiberarts.typepad.com for her wonderful gift! it cheered me up sooo much and totally made my day! I'm bragging to everyone about it!
and it came on v-day at just the right time to make me feel special thank you sooo much!
you're the best!


Renee said...

Wow!!! You sure did make out like a bandit. Lucky, lucky, lucky. Hope your wee daughter feels better soon. Babes shouldn't have to get sick like that.


eyeleen said...

Wonderful stuff! I love the colors in your felted bag. Beautiful!