Friday, February 25, 2005

slacker party of one.......... me!

I'm sorry to all of you who've left posts or emailed me i've got a whole in box full of replies i need to do but i've been sooo busy getting read for my DH's return i've kinda left them go. so i want to say now that i really truely love all the posts and i will try to reply or leave a post on your blog sometime in the future.... I'm a big time slacker and i'm sorry!
ok now that i feel better on to my pix.....look what i got i figured i could use one i got it at *gasp* the craft store here..... it's hard to find things they don't have a huge/good selection....29 that's what row i'm on for my booga bag.... that's my "not so" surprise for my friend Kelly

so yeah.... in hopes of distracting myself to keep my mind off the fact that ALL of my friends DH's are home and mine is still enroute to kuwait.... (did i spell that wrong?) i went to my friend Tracey's remember her ( i talked about her a couple of posts ago) well we made candles OH so fun here's what i made..... SHHH don't tell my secrect sister if you know her.... not to be confused with secret pal.... we have a SS program going at our church where we send notes or small gifts to encourage each other not to mention pray for each other. it's really great i just love giving in secret and i love recieveing the notes (and lets face it goodies lol ) too!

the smell is burn your nose flowery/soapy totally yuck for me but my SS loves those type of smells so i endured the burning nose and headache that followed and made the big one for her... it goes on the plate that i modge podged for the candle to go on... pretty spiff huh?? the small ones i'm thinking of R.A.O.King out....but i'm not sure whom.... if you like flowery/soapy smells leave me a post with a email/blog to check out and i will send it to the first 3 people who LMK that they like them! NOTE: they're not perfect but they'll make your house smell yummy! Oh lets not forget me:

those jars had a former life as Fluff jars....(i made fudge at christmas time for everyone) i liked the shape and saved them. now they are candles that smell oh so yummy for me Peach pie is the flavor Yeah you're thinking but why blue? that's not the color of peach pie... why not yellowish orange or something? well i'll tell you it's b/c i like blue... and why be normal when you're making you're own.. i swear if i had my own line of candles i'd make them all different colors so you couldn't pick up a red one and have it be apple cinn or something like that it would be something totally different and throw you off your rocker....
on another note look what i got at the thrift store for like $1.25 each

the photo doesn't do them justice.... the purple one is sooo pretty! and the striped one has sparkely green yarn in it i cannot wait to make something with that... not sure what yet but something..... i like green!
so i've been tagged by two people violet and renee (i can't fiugre out how to do the link thingy with their names so it's and respectively) i've just been such a slacker i've not even gotten around to doing this.***SORRY girls***.. so here we go
1 How much space is left on your TIVO?
well i don't have one so none.... besides new things scare me until everyone has then then i'll get one when they're dirt cheap......that's also about the time they go out of style.....HMMM yes i'm behind the times plus really what is TIVO?? i'm serious not sure really what it is or does... okay behind the times yes!!!
2 Have you ever bought a tv series, if so which ones?
LOL have i ever bought a tv series....HELLO i'm living in germany on a military post with only AFN (where they get the shows at a cheaper price or free b/c there's no commercials only annoying fun facts about things you'll never need to know unless you're going on jepordy one day...) to watch OF COURSE i've bought tv series here are the ones i deem worthy of buying (b/c once you start a series you must complete them) Alais (my all time fav), Smallville (tom welling soo cute!), CSI (the one with grisham only we haven't even gotten NY over here yet and maimi is ok to watch not to own...KWIM?) that's about it i think.....i'm debating gilmore girls but my DH already makes enough fun of me with Alais.... so we'll see.
3 what was the last tv show you watched before this post?
UHHH i watch a movie (taxi HA HA hilarious!!), but last night i watched sex in the city...(i'm borrowing a friend's season) yes that's how bad AFN is we all trade seasons... LOL
4 what 5 tv shows can't you live with out..... (yes i Allenaized this question)
well i guess the season's i buy but let me say here we don't get normal tv we have 7 channels and 2 are the what ever is on we get attached to .....LOL
smallville(no new season yet on AFN just waiting to buy it when it comes out on DVD), csi (any of them but i'm with renee horatio totally annoys the heck outta me i still watch and come away so smart with usless little facts like if you when you die you boil your brian is lime green!) Alais (no we haven't gotten the newest season of this yet either i'm just going to buy the 4 seas when it comes out) everybody loves raymond is always nice for a laugh, sponge bob of course we cannot miss oh i forgot to add that let me go back and say we've got season one of spongebob too. and they don't sell them as a set but we have pretty much every scooby doo too i love scooby he's my fav fav cartoon before and above spongebob..... i forget about him b/c they don't show that much over here.....ok i think that's 5 let me count.....yup
5 who are 3 people you're going to tag....
i'd also like to tag Jessica of naturallyknitty she's my sis and kelly of pizzyknits b/c she my best friend.... sorry gals get to work.. oh but they're both busy so it may be a while for them to do it.. kelly's hubby just got back and jess is going to have a baby any time now she's ready to pop! not that i've seen first hand i've just talked with my mom..... and uhhh you..... whom ever would like to do this i guess. i don't want to piss off any of my new friends out in blogland by tagging them if they already did it or have no want to do this tag game thingy.... it is fun though reading others.. LOL

anyways i guess i should go and email them so they know....LOL besides i think i've written a book almost....
happy knitting


Grace said...

hello! nice to meet a fellow christian knitter...and guess what? my dh is military too. :-) he is an air force chaplain here at pope afb (ft bragg) and so we are both very active at the pope chapel (he preaches, i lead worship). it's great to meet you! my goodness, your post was long. :-) i've never made candles; must try that someday.


Amy Lu said...

Wow! Cool candles Allena!I wish I was that talented. I love your ideas about mixing up the colors so people wouldn't know what to expect.

I heard a rumor that your sis might finally blog tonight! (grin)

Take Care!