Wednesday, March 2, 2005

don't i feel loser-ish?

how much of a loser am I? i had a little email me and i'll give you something but no takers.....bummer i guess not many people stop to read.... sorry i'm such a bore note to self:be more entertaining.....but how?
so if you are part of the RAOK ring please LMK (by posting please) if you like chocolate or candles that smell flowery or some Mary Kay sample smells. (their spa collection it think) i've got some to give away..... and i have no clue who to give them to they've been sitting here and i'd like to give them to people who'd like them!
ATTN RAOKers: so i'll do a contest I need to find a pattern for a ribbed hat all the way up. not the shaker rib hat that's found free on line b/c i made it and i keep frogging it and i'm totally sick of it... arugh!. so it's for my DH if your interested LMK please....

okay enough of the woe is me crap... on to life
i got not from my DH that he may be home earlier than we thought I'm so excited! i cannot wait to see him again. all this waiting is totally suckin! esp with all my friends DH's home it really sucks....not that i'm not happy for them don't get me wrong b/c i am! it's just that it is soooooooo hard to see couples again and still be coupleless....waaaa i'm a baby....i'm not telling Maddy b/c i don't want to break her heart when plans change as they always do in the military... so she still thinks it's 14 more days till daddy gets home... she's been counting down...i don't have a real date she was just asking me a while ago and i told her 21 more days to get her to stop the insistent asking ARUGH! it's so hard to see your girl see all her friend's daddys and not know why her daddy still isn't home... not to mention that we've not really played with her friends like we used to. b/c of all the DH's being home we hardly see our friends anymore... it's like we've been waiting so long for our DH's to come home and now that we have them (almost) we have to adj to not having friends. well not like normal where we'd be hanging out eating dinner together so we don't have to sit at home alone. anyways enough of that glimpse into a military wives life...on to other things.

i've casted off the 'not so' surprise and now i'm knitting up a second bottom for added stability to the bag....i'll post pix next time! it's going to look good if it turns out how i think.....hopefully that will work! LOL well gotta jet sorry for the ranting and whining.... but it's my blog and i'll cry if i wanna LOL


Dr. B. said...

Don't feel loser-ish I read religiously. People might not be responding because your blog doesn't allow anonymous posting and they don't have blogger accounts. I love chocolate!


Violet said...

You're not a loser! I read your blog ALL the time. I will make sure to leave more comments in the future :)

BTW, glad to see that DH should be home soon. I know that it is tough when he is gone and I am very proud of you for hanging in there.


PS. Love your header! Looks beautiful!

Beth said...

Nah, you can't be a loser ... you knit and you're on the Fiber RAOK. That alone disqualifies you as a loser! ;p

I'm kinda with you on the flowery/soapy smelling candles. I prefer things with cinammon, things like gingerbread or pumpkin pie smells. They make the house smell so yummy!


Renee said...

No, no, no, not a loser at all. I read everything you write! You are in my "favourites" folder on Bloglines! Feel better now?

Colette said...

Not a loser - I read you all the time - I just don't like flowery smelling stuff - I do love chocolate thought. My thoughts are with you and I hope your husband is home very soon!

Nyxxie said...

You are by no means a loser I read your blog everytime that you post I am just bad about commenting.
O by the way all sounds good to me!!! lol I will comment more promise!!

Mz Mar said...

Keeping fingers crossed here that your Dh makes it home quickly!!
Enjoyed reading yur blog and I love the header you did~~maybe some day I'll figure out how to do that!!

Kelly said...

You are not a loser but a very cool knitty chica! LOL I love you and love reading your blog too. It's personable and interesting. I need to learn to write like you do.....

I am praying for you and Andy hoping that you get to see him soon!!! Love you woman!

AprilBrokenA said...

Oh, Star - You're not a loser! I promise. I just now read the offer for the goodies, but I don't do strong flowery smells either - I like clean, soft smells. Now the chocolate - Yeah Baby! Mary Kay, ehhh, not so much. April

KnitnMomofboys said...

You are NEVER a loser! I read every post you write - but I'm bad about commenting! I know how much I enjoy getting comments...I'm going to try and be better about commenting!