Thursday, March 3, 2005

CRAP and all that fun stuff

Okay so everyone has made me feel so loved! THANK YOU SOO MUCH EVERYONE!
after reading the comments and my blog again I have to say I'm ashamed for complaining! But I've also learned from this: that I need to post more comments on other people's blogs esp my fellow RAOKer's blogs..... So you should be seeing more of me posting comments... I'm just as bad as anyone really. So I've made it my goal to post when I'm reading... You see I use bloglines and then I click on the interesting ones as I'm skimming so I can go back and read fully their post. sometimes I just close it with out a comment and others I leave comments so I've decided to take an extra 5 min to leave a comment on those blogs with out closing them. now I'm really lazy so it's not like I read every blog on my bloglines just what catches my attention which I'm sure is what everyone does.... okay on to my thoughts..... as if those weren't....
Look what my friend Emily gave me!

ok it's a bad pix but I took it with my left hand and I'm not left handed. she said she got it here...... it's for supporting people who live with cancer... which I'm sure all of you know someone! I personally have cancer (hodgekins lymphoma) but it's in remission right now and has been since 1998 so that's 6 years! YEAH! So every time I see cancer helping stuff I'm more likely to buy it. now my friend Emily didn't know that when she gave me the bracelet she just saw it on Oprah and bought some and then gave me one... I think she said her MIL has cancer... or was it her mom..... I'm so bad like that i'll have to ask her.... anyways so click the link and buy a bracelet. that is if you want to not to be bossy or anything!
so I actually have been knitting not just making candles which BTW I did just yesterday again!!! my sp4 is getting one I made! I'm not putting a pix on b/c if she reads this....not like it's that small of a world but stranger things have happened! So back to knitting I'm using this yarn

to make a felted bag for my friend Kelly..... it's the 'not so' surprise over there. almost done.....almost but not quite....LOL
Now I thought this was cute... bella is petting Boots... yes I know that's a real original name for a cat....

anyways I've noticed that I talk about bella a lot and not so much of my other daughter Madison.... I feel horrible I love them both dearly! here's Maddy and her best friend at church on sunday... the hats were b/c they had a Patch the pirate performance. it's a children's program where they learn verses and songs and then once a month sing for us! it's so sweet......I try to tape all of them! esp for DH so that he can see them and not feel like he missed too much. my DD is the one on the right. in case you were wondering. LOL

speaking of DH. He WAS going to be home this weekend but as the military goes things change and it looks like next week sometime.... I'm crushed.... well not really I expected it. how can you not when it happens every time? really sucks b/c our annv is coming up and we wanted to spend it together for once, but it's okay we'll celebrate it late. (again)
I'm still pumped b/c he's coming home......... it's just the waiting that's killing me. ok so I'm going to stop moaning now!
I just learned what a Chibi is... what a clever invention! This is a chibi: It holds yarn needles and is all-around adorable! i'm going to have to get one! well one of these days! ok so I'm a big dork... but aren't we all? at least a little!
happy knitting!

PS the chocolate is all claimed..... so candles and mk is left BTW
also anyone going to give me a link to a pattern (for a ribbed hat) or something? it doesn't have to be free. just not annoying!


Renee said...

Hi Allena,

I don't think I have a pattern for a ribbed all over hat but I will look for one for you. I made one once (made it up as I went along) but that's not really any good to you, is it? Your kids are cute, cute, cute.


Beth said...

Hi Allena! I know what you mean about the commenting - I'm trying to get better about it too.

I'm going to the craft store tonight and can pick up a Chibi for you, if you'd like. And if you give me your snail mail addy, I can get it out in tomorrow's mail. I have, and HIGHLY recommend, the bent-tip needles ... makes it much easier to get under a stitch.

Let me know!

Dr. B. said...

I agree with Renee, the kids are adorable. Bella looks a lot like Maddy. I was actually able to guess which one was yours in the picture before I read it! I like the idea of the Chibi. My LYS doesn't carry them. I may actually have to order one online or fight my way through the local craft stores.


Violet said...

I do the through bloglines. I have been better at leaving comments though!

I have a 2x2 rib hat pattern that I can write for you. Just need your gauge and head circumference. Let me know if you still need a chibi. I can get one to you if you need it.

Hubby will be home soon! Sorry that it was delayed again. Also, glad to hear that you are in remission. I had no idea...

Beth said...

Hi again - Just wanted to say your very own Chibi will be headed your way tomorrow! I got you the bent tip needles (two come in it).

alice said...

thanks for the note on my blog :) i decided recently that i want to become a cooler blogger... so my new rule is - every evening when i check my bloglines i must comment on at LEAST 5 blogs. i had to constantly remind myself at first, but now i barely even count, i KNOW i'll hit at least that many!

oh, and those Fluff Peach candles are so cool!

AprilBrokenA said...

Allena -

Doesn't six years of remission equal "cured"?