Friday, March 4, 2005


then i went and got a new battery and LOOK i'm wearing it... this is my fav watch it's just the battery died and i never got it i have. I just love Dr suess. esp green eggs and ham....well i also like the star bellied sneeches.... I am a stars upon thars chica!

i also went and got some more things for my raok packages that i will have to send monday.... and i twiddled with the puter and made these to write a note in....

as for knitting....well i'm still working on that booga bag.... and for all of you who volunteered to make me a pattern for a ribbed hat thank you soooo much I heart you!!! (i'd like to try them all) it's for my DH so it will have to wait to get the measurements i'll get back to you with them for sure! LIKE TOTALLY! LOL that was for my dear friend kelly who's from CA LOL well that's about it short and sweet! Happy knitting

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