Sunday, March 13, 2005


Look what i got in the mail!!!

that when opened turned into this! A CHIBI and a stitch marker! WONDERFUL!

thank you to beth from she sent these to me! how wonderful! the chibi is now holding all of my needles that just ran around poking everyone before! now not so they have thier own little house! LOVELY i've never gotten a stitch marker before and I love it! it's sooo pretty! i can't wait to use it!
i've been kinda busy lately which is why i've dwindeled on my posting but if you check out my last post you'll know why! it's so nice and weird to have my DH home.... i keep turning around and woah there he is.. sometimes i just stare at him thinking he's home HE's HOME yippie.... LOL ok i'm crazy but didn't we already know that? LOL
last night my DH tried going on a date but it only last a little bit and we had to leave the movie early. my little baby didn't want to take her dinner from the bottle she wanted mama so we had to come home and i fed her... not a problem just next time we'll bring her along! it was nice though anyways for the most part. my DH was making fun of me this AM b/c i'd fallen asleep the min my head hit the pillow last night. LOL i was tired. it's hard getting used to sleeping in the same bed as someone else again! not to mention my DD#1 is always getting up super early....daddy....that's the first words outta her mouth! LOL it's funny i think that she may be driving him a little bonkers. which is good he can then join me in crazy land! it's a fun place to be! LOL
on the knitting front.... well i tried starting a scarf but the yarn i was using didn't look good so i stopped that and continued with that darn felted bag that's taking forever! but good news almost done!!! did i just say that before! oh well it soon will get done i'm getting a little board with it... hmmm..... but i must finish it!
well i should get of the puter to go and knit some! so bye! happy knitting


Renee said...

How have I been knitting so long without knowing about the chibi? I'll have to treat myself to one. I'm so happy for you to have DH back - even if it is hard to get used to having him in the bed :)

Kelly said...

Hey girl you are so lucky!! What IS a chibi anyways?? Glad you got a pretty too!

KnitnMomofboys said...

What a neat treat! You sound so much happier now that your DH is home! I hope he's there for awhile! Do you get to know information like that?
Amy :)

jessica said...

Thats cool that you got fun things in the mail... Ive decided that i need to join some knitting related groups so i too can get and send things to people and make them happy. It sounds like fun! sorry your date had to end so soon:( Its such a good feeling knowing that he is home safe with you and your two cute little girls. Hopefully i'll be calling you with good news soon... untill then, happy knitting!

Violet said...

Nice chibi! I just got one recently and love it.

So glad that you have your man around. I know that you have been waiting for so long :)