Tuesday, March 15, 2005

it's a short one!

finally!!!!!!!! i casted off for the felted bag last night and now i'm working the i cord! which is going fast! i used this yarn remember?

soon i'll be posting pix of it felted! not yet though! and give it the traditional 2 days to dry! so can you see that there's pockets on the outside? cool huh? i was reading somewhere where they said the bottom when felted was not quite sturdy enough.....so i did 2! and then knitted up like orriginally then casted off a little shorter, and sewed up the corners! i hope it turns out like i want! we'll see!
on a side note does anyone know why my side thingy with my links and info.... isn't besides my postings? if you scroll down it's there but not at the top like it's supposed to be! arugh! maybe it's just my computer! i know nothing of this whole blog template stuff so it's probably my fault! oh well! gotta jet
happy knitting


KnitnMomofboys said...

It has to do with a graphic or photo in one of your posts...it is too big. So it is pushing the sidebar down below. If you look at individual posts you can see the sidebar is where it should be. If you find the post where it's moved down again, it contains the photo that needs to be smaller.

Violet said...

Pre-Felted bag looks great. Make sure to post pics after you are done felting. I need to make a felted bag soon.

Good thing Amy is around. I had my blog do the same thing once, but don't remember how to fix it.

jessica said...

i'm excited to see the finished product! It looks great so far. Is this the bag for your friend or is it an new treat for you?! either way i cant wait to see it... ttyl

Greta said...

Oh that is going to be SO pretty...
and ! LOVE having extra pockets!
can't wait to see how it turns out...