Friday, March 18, 2005

finally felted and it's friday!

SO I finally finished. here's pix of the bag felted!:

so that you can tell how big the bag is b/c pix can be so confusing! i had my DH take a pix of me and the bag.... i cut most of me out but you get the pix.... literally! LOL i'm such a dork! LOL

as you can see it's pretty spiffy with the pockets! I hope Kelly likes it i just sent my DH over to drop it off! (he's going sk8ing with a friend) LOL i love making things esp when they get finished. so i'm back to working on that sock....and look at this cool pix!

I love my camera! it's soo neat! if you look real hard the orange and black striped thing under the bag is my DH's skate board....just wanted to point that out. he's so proud of it. Can you tell by my pix that the SUN is out. i know i was surprised too. but we're enjoying it that's for sure! we walked to the bowling alley and bowled for a bit then walked to the craft store and i use craft lightly there. as you can see no pix of amazing things i got there....sigh. I don't know why i torture myself going there.....then we walked to the power zone: aka electronics store for all you non military peeps out there. then we checked the mail at the CMR (community mail room) and walked home. it was nice!
but that's about it for now. the sun is going to set soon.
so yeah off to knit some more!
happy knitting!


Violet said...

Bag looks great! I really have to make one of those sometime. I love the colors. Your friend is going to love it! I am quite jealous :)

tiffany said...

That's a bag that would make any knitter green with envy. I love it and it is very spiffy :D Happy Friday!

Colette said...

Cool bag - love that yarn! I just popped in to say THANK YOU for the wonderful RAOK - I love everything - the hand cream smells so good and you're right - it's not greasy, so it won't get on my yarn! Thanks again - you made my Friday!

_Prudent Purl said...

OH MY GOSH! Just absolutely lovely.

Someone should start a ring called Felting Friday! lol

Anyway..the felted bag is way awesome. LOVE IT

Lara said...

The bag looks awesome! If there were a felting fridays ring, I'd be in...except my washing machine doesn't felt my knits well at all (well, actually it seems to felt only those things I'd rather not see felted, like old sweaters - grrr.)
Love your blog:)

Nyxxie said...

Hey I love love love the bag what pattern did you use? What yarn? Hey I waned to thank you for the wonderful RAOK that ment so so much!! Happy Spring!!

AprilBrokenA said...

Allena - just wanted you to know that I got the RAOK gift! Thank you SOOO Much!