Sunday, May 29, 2005

and you thought i dropped off the face of the earth!

HA i dyed 2 more sock yarns and now i'm ready to take over the world with sock yarn! i will knit each and everyone of you up with sock yarn until you bend to my will. (HA HA HA HA *evil laugh here*) WHOOPS was that out loud? OH my.... anyways as i was saying Sock yarn.. i went ahead and finished off the 2 skeins i had left to dye... so the stripping worked better. a little that is... now i'm in the process of winding them into balls... which is kinda hard with out a swif. NOTE to self get swift! so the pix doesn't do the sock yarn justice it's much brigher and prettier! ah sock yarn...i have a ton of it it seems all of the sudden! LOL i don't mind though it just gives me reason to knit more socks. LOL

speaking of knitting more socks i just joined so it looks like i'll be knitting tons more socks so it's good that i stock up on sock yarn... LOL with that in mind i went to Amberg this weekend with my DH and look what i got!!

Yes that's more sock yarn. that single one is for some summer booties for my DD#2.... it's cotton so it's lighter than the wool. to make the purchase more acceptable *giggle* i bought my DH some yarn NOTE: not for him to knit with AS IF! ...LOL see the black and yellow. HE HE HE i also picked up some stuff for my SP5 but i'm not showing you! ! LOL i'm not giving it away. LOL i've gotta be sneaky about it! so does anyone else walk into their LYS and just stop and gaze at all the wonderful yarn and touch the yarn and wish the yarn was theirs? Good i didn't want to think i was crazy or something. not that the store worker lady minded she just said something to me in german that i gathered meant can i help you? or if you need me i'll be putting more yarn on the shelves for you to touch and caress... she could've been saying something else but i don't know. i was in ther for probably 1 hour just trying to figure out what to get. LOL it's amazing i walked out with what i did. if i could've i would've bought the whole store!
so i've not done too much knitting lately it's been like 87 degrees here! and i'm a little hot....not to mention it being a four day weekend for us military families, of course I'm SICK. throat an ears hurt....UGH! and the clinic isn't open till TUES. so i wait. i have started a Toe up sock for my DH with the above pitt's yarn.... it's pretty ackward knitting with DPNs on a toe up at first. it's getting easier. maybe it's just me.... am i all thumbs? something to ponder.... well i'm off to knit some... yeah pure joy!


Kelly said...

Hey girl I miss you!! The yarn looks so cool and I can't wait to try it myself! I got my vogue knitting book and it's so awsome! Even talks about recycling sweaters and stuff. I wanted to be a part of SP5 but I guess I missed out. Moving and all would be hard too. Oh well I will be in SP6 for sure! Love you

Kate said...

Oooh, I like the pink-and-lime yarn.

Catherine Kerth said...

LOVE the yarn, and the regia sock yarn too. Hey it is really hot and humid here in TX!!! there is no getting away from the heat huh:)

kmckiernan said...

Wow, your hand-dyed yarn looks wonderful! And your regia looks just like bumblebees, can't wait to see it knit up! =)

Buttons said...

Ohh my goodness!! This is beautiful!!!! You did it again! Ooookay I am so jealous now LOL