Tuesday, May 3, 2005


LOOK is that a gift?
for me???

Why YES it is!!! and it's from my SP4 Christy!

isn't she wonderful? i def think so! she sent me some wonderful yarn some noro you see on the left then some pretty WW yarn and then some sock yarn (i don't remember the names off hand and i'm not getting up to go see sorry) i can't wait to get started with it all! also you'll see some nice smelly pump kitchen soap from bath and bodyworks also a nice set made from goat's milk and oatmeal(it's the yellow box)! i can't wait to use it and a stamp with a smiley sunshine face! i just knew i need to start stamping again! sooo nice! and those green things are tags to attach to my knitted gifts! how awesome is that???? i thought so too!
well i'm still on the mend from that horrible cold i caught... so i'll chat at ya'll later gaters...
happy knitting..

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