Friday, May 6, 2005

RAOK and a concert too!

So Renee sent me a RAOK! she saw that i'd lost my tin of all my knitting notions so she sent me some replacements.... but to my lost little ones you will always have a place in my heart. the new stuff is great. i'm really fascinated with the tape measure! it's great! and round with a button! lol
she also included some knitting note cards! pretty awesome! THANKS RENEE!

and a close up of the awesome stitch markers she MADE me!!! isn't she talented and awesome? WHY YES SHE IS!!

sorry those pix were not that great though i thought i would keep them that way so you can see how I've been feeling the past few days with my head in a bubble from this cold. which by the way I still am NOT over! i can't smell therefore i can't taste either... so sad is life when you can't smell! it's really weird. i know that coffee should taste like coffee but all i can do is feel the warmth. weird! ok so i know you're looking at this pix..

thinking what the HECK is that? well it's Travis Tritt. Oh of course you're thinking!
well we were far back and i used my super zoom and that's the best pix i could get. but i promise it's him. now i'm not a huge country fan but my DH is so we had fun. Oh did i mention why we were at this concert. well it was a Welcome Home celebration for the soldiers. and it was a FREE concert for all US ID card holders! Pretty cool there was Blessed Union of Souls, and Christopher Titus there also. they gave away a Harley too! pretty fun there were free carnival rides for the Kiddos too! all in all pretty neat! so it started (for us) about 5:45 and we came home about 11 or so! it was fun! a nice way to welcome home all the soldiers here!
well you know you've done something right when your DD#1 says (around 9) i'm tired and you lay the stroller back and let her lay down and she's ASLEEP! thru all the noise no problem!

then around 10 DD#2 is asleep... pretty crazy huh?

anyways that's what i've been up to! well i forgot to mention that sock i've been working for well.....i dropped a TON and i mean a TON of stitches and the yarn i was using sucked so i frogged it and started another(with different yarn!). it's going soooo much better now! looks much nicer too! i think when i finish a pair it will fit much better for my friend.
NOW WHY do people stare? i mean really. i was knitting at that concert, and people were just staring at me... really why? it's not that weird that i don't want to just sit around doing nothing so get over yourselves. that's my message to the non knitting public. and i know that everyone listens to me!!!
did i mention i signed up for the ultra secret truly troublesome Knitterati? yes i DO want to RULE the world! i'm waiting to get in! HA HA HA (EVIL LAUGH)

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Kristine said...

oooo- I want to join the Knitterati!