Monday, May 9, 2005

can you smell that?

I've been really bad about reading blogs and not leaving comments so i've made myself leave comments. i plan on continuing until it's a habit again.. i' don't know where i get so lazy. wait i do know and it's my DH. now that he's home i want to spend as much time as i can with him! i know he's been home almost 3 months i just like him ok get off my back! gesh it's not that weird that after 6 1/2 years i still am madly in love with him.... and i fall more in love each and every day! sick i know! lol well he does piss me off too! but we work that out. blah blah blah all that was brought to you today b/c on sunday we had a sunday school lesson on how men and women should act in marriage. and most of it we've heard before and i was kinda pissy about some of it just hearing the same stuf over and over again get's annoying. but really it's probably b/c i need to work on it. and also yes i'm PMSing! so really it was all me and my tude so i'm trying to have a better one. anyways on to the stuff you really want to read about. i'm still sick i can't smell or taste really. NO i'm kidding on to the pix
i've made progress! and that's only like 3 days worth of knitting. this is the replacement sock for the other one i was attempting.

yes i know i'm a slow knitter but i've got a 7 month old teething who's clingy so i do actually get a lot done. i wanted to type more but the teether is screaming i'm sure you can hear it and it's hurting the ears i'll go and appease her now! happy knitting. i'll be sleeping.


Renee said...

Cute sock. I hear ya on the teething and the clinging. How bout the "growth spurt"? I think we're just coming down from one of those...exhausting!


Beth said...

There is nothing wrong with still being in love with your dh - I think it's awesome.

Try this for the teether, take a washcloth (not an expensive one), cut it into 4 squares, wet them, wring them out and place in the freezer. Then when baby needs some comfort for the mean teeth that are hurting her, give her one of these frozen squares to gnaw on. Works everytime!

Good luck!

Orris said...

*grins* OK, OK, I have the same habit, so here I am, leaving a comment on your lovely rainbowy sock.

As for the teething, a very cold kosher dill pickle works wonders, and a surprising number of kids adore them.

jodi said...

Nothing wrong with being madly in love. Too many people lose or let go of those feelings over time. I'm still madly in love after 11 years.

I've got new rules for myself as far as the commenting goes: I try to leave a minimum of 5 comments every day, and at least 2 of them must be to people for whom I'm not a regular commenter. Otherwise I'll just find myself lurking on too many people who have no idea I've been there!

jessica said...

I like the sock!! i still haven't tried one yet... or should i say two.

speaking of two, gabe discovered that he is now two and the temper that comes with it... i guess theres no turning back. i just keep saying to myself "this too shall pass" thank goodness! ttyl