Thursday, May 12, 2005

she's eating sand!?

ok so as i sit down to type this my dear little bella is eating sand! yup that's right she's found maddy's shoe dumped out the sand from the playground that we keep in there and then proceeded to eat it! YUM!
So is it normal that I'm obsessed with knitting? I bring it every where and I'm always thinking about it! I also dream about knitting. I am SO serious! I've mastered reading blogs and knitting at the same time but not the sleeping and knitting. (i seriously was thinking about optimizing my time like that.... crazy i know) lol so I've got it bad. Real bad! But it's not like I mind.......of course not i'm crazy!

I've been teaching my friend Kristy how to knit. She's doing a good job. I'm not sure I'm hat great of a teacher though. But doing that has got me thinking about taking those classes from The Craft Yarn Council of America. but i'm not sure about that yet... what do you think?
I got as a RAOK, a while ago, some egg dye and I've been seeing all these people dying their yarn but I'm trying to finish some projects before buying more yarn.. so you see my dilemma. I have some white yarn but my dd wants a white and pink poncho. So It's for her unless I can convince her to only have a pink poncho HMMM I may try to do that. well I'm off to go find somewhere for a guide to dying yarn with egg dye. If you have any suggestions/sites LMK i would really appreciate it!
Btw I added a counter to my site and I wanted to thank everyone for their teething tips! I appreciate it! I did use the frozen washcloth idea but I'm too chicken to try the pickle! I'm just a big wuss! anyways i've been working on that sock i'm doing it so well. and so much faster with DPN's rather than the 2 circs. it just made more sense this way to me esp with the heel! LOL Well off to do the TOE on my sock! I'm soooo pumped my 1st sock to be completed with out dropping the stitches! On to the next one! YIPPIE! Such a milestone for me!


Beth said...

Hi! I haven't done any yarn dying, but found these sites with info:
( ( -- ( -- ( Hope these help!

jessica said...

My firend amy said you can dye yarn with kool-aid... i'm sure she wouldn't mind explaining it to you:) just write her a quick e-mail. ttyl