Friday, May 13, 2005

I thought i could! I knew I could!

So look!!!

and a close up of the heel and decrease!

Like i was saying before i think doing it on DPN's was way easier for me to understand than doing it on 2 circs. but then again that's just me! Now i've started the 2nd one! yeah
and i also found online a pattern for a crochet poncho that Maddy wanted and i convinced her to let me do it in PINK only so soon i'll be dying some yarn hopefully! LOL
ok so look at this pix... LOL

it totally cracks me up. i was trying for days to get a pix of this.. bella's pooping face. LOL it's sooo cute and funny all in one! I am so getting killed for this when she's a teen! LOL
well i've got some knitting and crochet to do so i'm leaving! bye bye!


Nyxxie said...

Aww Bella is too cute!! Very nice sock too!

Beth said...

Hey Allena - you're right ... that photo is a keeper for the "let me show you a photo of Bella when she was a baby - you're going to love this!" time in her life. Not only will it work when she's a teen, but when she brings home THE ONE.

Catherine Kerth said...

bella is sooo cute my son brandon is turning a year next weekend. he is growing way to fast! can't believe my oldest is 4 already!!!great sock! i am working on my first also, and i just did the gusset. we should be proud of ourselves:)

Snooze said...

That is one awesome sock! I love the colors!

And yes, there will be !@%$(@_# to pay when she's a teenager. I have a few pictures like 6'1" teen (of the purple and orange hair) waaaay back when, dancing in a cute. (I'm not letting him see this comment...I'll be dead otherwise...)
But she is so beautiful! You have a wonderful family. I'm hoping that dd will wait until they're stationed closer than Okinawa before they start having babies. I could not imagine being that far away from them....

I've really been enjoying your blog. What an awesome family you have!