Friday, May 20, 2005

one down, one and a half to go...

Man I got it back! big Props to Stan the Man! My friend anna's DH was able to give me back my knitting bag! we stopped by before we went to Pam's house to drop off dinner for her and her famiy. (you see she just had a baby! so we want her to rest!) then we made our way over to Grafenwhoer to see Star Wars 3.. it was really good! i loved it! even though the guy 2 rows infront of me had the HUGEST head ever! and i had to move to see the screen around him.. like i would look halfway then move and look at the other half. and i'm not that short of a gal. anyways it was good and i look forward to watching it when I am at home with out a big old head in my way.

so back to my knitting bag, it's kinda small and i plan on using it until i can make another one... i'm thinking of those neato ones like found here or here. i 've just gotta find some cool fabric that or make a felted one... the jury is still out on that.. LOL
I was thinking of the felted bag in this book

you see it down here on the right corner...
this book is pretty cool! lots of fun tips and fun patterns.
here's a pix of a finished bootie!

i've got to make a chain to tie at the ankle! and then on to the other one! i kinda just made up the pattern. anyways baby crying gotta go!
happy knitting


Buttons said...

Here you go, the german group for ya :c)
I cannot speak or read german ;c( But I love their patterns!! ;c)

Buttons said...

Eeks! creepy crawlies on you last post! Quick run! duck!! hide!!! I am terrified of them LOL