Saturday, May 21, 2005

What did you say?

so bella makes the funniest faces sometime. it cracks me up so i took a pix of her talking back to us! it's pretty cute! she's such a sweetie! ok so today i finished the booties and i have 2 pix for you to look at...this first one is so that you can see how fuzzy they are. they are soft. i made them with a recycled yarn so it's really soft and bumpy.

this second pix is so you can see what they look like i'm pleased with how they turned out. i think though i may try knitting instead of making the bumpy part on the top of the foot. and i plan on making more in different colors they didn't take that long to knit up so they can be made in different colors very fast! i may make a black pair so she can wear them with anything!

so i have people coming over for a farewell party for my friend Kelly. SNIF....
gotta jet
happy knitting


Buttons said...

Your daughter is too cute, my baby girl is now 15, swap ya? LOL
You seem very sweet, I hope in time we can be friends :c)

Catherine Kerth said...

the booties are too cute! they look super soft. love the ant post you did:) since the weather has been warmer the sugar ants are out in full force, and don't get me started on the fire ones. ouch!!!!!!

kath red said...

adorable booties, they look so soft and comfy