Monday, May 23, 2005


So I finished Maddy's poncho. it's crochet'd I found the pattern online here

I hope that link works for you! she likes it. I thought I would include a pix of the lovely girl who will wear the poncho... here is a pix from Sunday where the kids sang their song for Patch the Pirate. she says she didn't smile b/c people were looking at her! so I guess that means stage fright! LOL

we never get close enough for a bright and clear pix so sorry it's dark!
anyways i've changed my blog so there can be anyonmous comments but if you leave one please leave your blog addy so I can go check you out! I like to be real nosey. i'm trying it out though if I get mean comments or too much spam i'm changing it back.....
anyways today's short and sweet. i'm a bit down b/c my friend kelly is moving on sat. so i'm trying to get as much time in as possible with her.... which really isn't turning out that easy to do! moving is a busy time! anyways i'm going to go TTYL


Pamela Foreman said...

Awesome job on the poncho! I may try one myself for my girlies!! Hope Maddy likes it!

Buttons said...

Beautiful poncho! I wish my daughter was still little so I can knit her pretty little things like that! I do, however, have a 2 year old niece..hmm..I can picture me going to the store to hunt down some single pointed needles!

Renee said...

Cute poncho. Any chance of a picture of Maddy posing in it? How 'bout Bella in the sweet purple booties?