Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Yippie! I got my Knit Picks order! look what I got!

so I got some color your own sock yarn! and some natural Peruvian wool that I plan on dying and making my own special colored felted bag! I'm super excited! and then some sock garden yarn star gazer lily and daffodil. Does anyone know it just one skein makes a pair of socks? how about for the color your own? I wanna know before I go and dye my yarn so I know if I should do 2 at the same time for color likeness. so I'm on a quest in my pantry to find some koolaid. LOL I probably only have grape or lime left b/c those are the two we don't like to drink! well I do like purple and green together.... I printed out instructions from Knitty and here. so I think I'm ready..... YIPPIE!
so bella started crawling today! LOL it's funny we've been watching her and waiting for it! LOL she's also started pulling up on things a couple of weeks ago but lately she's gotten really bad about pulling up to try and get things off the coffee table. so needless to say it's helping us keep stuff off of there! it's pretty cute to see her do it though. even though DH gets annoyed I laugh. it's so cute! well a hunting I go... koolaid beware!


Anonymous said...

A good estimate for a pair of adult size socks is about 400 yds /100 grams of yarn. If you buy a 100 gram ball, it'll usually say that one ball makes a pair, where as the 50 gram will say you need two.

Beth said...

I don't have the catalog here with me at work, but if memory serves, you need to skeins of Sock Garden for a pair because each skein is only 50g. But you should be able to do a pair with one hank of Color Your Own because it's 100g. HTH!

Buttons said...

Oh my goodness this yarn looks very beautiful! You are so very lucky to be able to have such yarn I can only dream of! Knit on sista!