Monday, August 22, 2005

Dear dishwasher

I HATE YOU! i'm so sick of feeding you special salt and liquid stuff to make my dishes sparkle. i buy the best dishwasher soap for you and still my dishes come out dirty. Image Hosted by Photo Hosting - Free Image Hostingi hate having to rewash the dishes. this is ridiculous i shouldn't have to wash the dishes before i put them in you. i'm so sick of you not holding up to your end of the bargain. i'm counting down the days to when we move and we will get a better dishwasher. maybe it will do what it's supposed to!
did i mention that i'mImage Hosted by Photo Hosting - Free Image Hosting mad at you?


Heather said...

try running some powered tang or other citrus powdererd drink mix thru the dishwasher, empty of course. just fill up the spots of the soap and let it run thru. It may solve your problem. Another suggestion is to make sure that you turn on your hot water to the sink and let it get nice and hot, then turn on your dishwasher. We were having issues with our dishwasher and it ended up being that our hot water tank was so far from the dishwasher that by the time the water got hot it was a bit too late. Just some suggestions! HTH!!

Allena said...

thanks those are great ideas i'm going to try them... but it is a german dishwasher so it's totally different from the american ones so i hope it works.... we'll see

Garnet said...

Maybe if you talk sweetly to it in German it will like it better than when you swear at it in English! Anyway if you pre-wash your dishes just finish the job! You are half way there anyway. If youhave to wash them before or rince them afterwards you are still handwashing them! I have kinda the same problem here because we have such hard water here in New Mexico! Have fun!