Thursday, August 18, 2005

spoils of shopping

wonderful cotton yarn isn't it beautiful? I went shopping yesterday with my friend Pam and my whole point of going was to get cotton yarn for my dish cloth swap at crochetville. so here's a pix of it all. I love it! (sorry it's a little dark)

I started making a dish cloth as you can see on top it's lana grossa 100% cotton. the cotton yarn here is a little different than what you would buy in the states. I got a deal on the skeins as the store I went to has "their own" line of different yarns for purchase. it's kinda like you see the $$ kind and then they have theirs for like 1-3 euro cheaper. I don't know if it's the store's brand but it's way cheaper. I got some fluffy kind... it's all I know what to call it. see the pix?

anyways she wants a feather I thought this would make a great fun play one! plus the price was great! anyways that
I started a wash cloths last night it's looking good

I know I need to get on the sock for my sock pal but look here's some progress

so I am working on everything!
I also picked up some dresses for the bub. she loves to wear dresses so I found some great deals at a store called C&A. they are kinda like a big department store here pretty nice.. kinda like a JC penny's with different clothes though. Obviously! LOL anyway sorry I'm boring you I'll stop that now!


Heather said...

Yummy, yummy yarn! Can't wait to see all the washclothes you create!

Karen said...

Hi Allena!

I am happy you wrote to me on my Blog! :) It is nice to hear that there are people who know what is happening is wrong and they stand their ground. I am trying to get started by making sure that I get the word out and educate people!

Kelly said...

oh look at the pretties! love the oranges! I like the round dish cloth too. I hear ya about making your own. I have one that I made that I like a lot better than the cheap store bought kind. Love ya

Garnet said...

Hi Allena!

Have you tried making any dish towles out of netting? They make great scrubbers!

jessica said...

hi allena, sorry i haven't been around... you've been spiting things out like theres no tomorrow! i really need to post, i just havent gotten to it. i love all the cool yarn, good luck with your wash cloths! love you:)

Catherine Kerth said...

i love that dish cloth!!!! so nice, looks like you made out with the cotton yarn... the boa is going to be really cute, i can see it now!!! i have often wondered what kinds of stores and styles euro sells....

GaiaGal said...

The round dishcloth is lovely! I need to get working on some myself for a swap due November. I only have some boring Ecru cotton at the moment and am wanting to get some lovely colors like you found!!

Thanks for dropping by the blog!! :)