Monday, August 29, 2005

simple FO's

So I finally finished something. look it's a 7 in granny square. I found the center, a medallion, in a book and added the rest to make a square, it's blocking now. (as if I needed to say that with the pins sticking out)

the second square is called a pinwheel star.. It can be found here

I didn't change the colors like it said b/c I didn't want to.. And on that site up there it has pix on how to fold it to make it a pinwheel it was confusing at first but turns our great! these 2 squares are form my JIC for the crochet square exchange I joined about a week ago. so if you're looking for some g-squares and their patterns, here's a lady who's making a ton! then she's showing you them with reviews and linking you to the links if possible.. enjoy that site! I know I do! also the good old crochet pattern central has tons and tons of pattern links from all over the web!
I'm sure there are more but it's late and I'm too lazy to find more.. sorry. word to the wise be careful if you type granny square pattern into yahoo though, some weird things come up! trust me.
anyways it was sunny out today and I didn't get around to cleaning my sheep. but I did take some pix of my bag I've named it Shunky. I'm planning on selling the pattern for it, I'm having a few people test it first and then it will be available. also the bags I've made here's one.

that's pretty close to the colors. Lilac, dark green and blue. here's the dimensions:
Across bottom 8 ½ inches
All the way around the middle 28 ½ inches
From top to bottom 9 ½ inches
Across top opening 4 ½ inches
LMK if you're interested superstarknitter at gmail dot com
anyways that's all for now folks!

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Catherine Kerth said...

i love crocheted squares i think they are so pretty! skunky is way cute!! i will keep an eye out for that pattern:)